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Zebra Blinds (Dual Shade Blinds)

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Optional Privacy

   It's no wonder, they have such a unique design combining the soft flowing feel of custom sheers in a horizontal design with vanes that open and close for privacy and light control and when pulled all the way up disappear into a small designer headrail that allows a full view of your outdoors on nice days.

   This versions enjoy  enormous success with Interior designers, and Homeowners. We have a larger selection of colors and tones and vane sizes. Most people are only looking for neutral colors and the Zebra Blinds has a nice selection of neutrals which is why the best choice for a sheer blind. Its a very high quality sheer shade selling at and affordable price.


Concept Dual Shade Blinds

Key Features

  • The shade has one continuous fabric that alternates between a sheer voile and a privacy fabric, giving you total control over your view and privacy.

  • Tilt the blind and you get warmly diffused light throughout the room. Tilt the blind again and you get privacy without total darkness.

  • Innovative bottomrail that allows the fabric to slide through as you select the exact amount of light that comes in.

  • Headrail features are built-in valance. The shade disappears when fully raised.

  • Integrated installation bracket and end cap design minimizes side gaps.

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