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Product summary

   Vertical Blinds is the only one of its kind which is affordably priced & is offered in dozens of beautiful styles, colours & patterns. Vertical blinds are ideal for tall windows because they highlight the length of the room. Vertical blinds are also better for sliding doors and windows as they offer easier access. They are also good for use in offices and meeting rooms as they offer complete privacy when shut.


Practical for both office & home

   Most offices and high-rise buildings now cover their windows with vertical blinds. This is due to the fact that vertical blinds are energy-efficient and offer good insulation. It would be a good idea to follow this trend by installing vertical blinds in your home. 


Efficiency in operation

   The vertical blinds come in various shades and color and make rooms appear bigger. The vertical blind comes in louvers that are 4 inches wide. They are very easy to install and use. Vertical blinds are smart and trendy and yet cost less than the other blinds making it a cost-effective design option for practical home owners. Because this type of blinds has vertical louvers, dust easily slides off from the panels and there is very minimal dust build-up. For some kinds of vertical blinds, regular dusting, or even vacuuming is enough to keep them clean.

  For a more sophisticated look choose fabric or material that complements your home design. Window-dressing becomes easy with this reasonably priced and stylish blind.

   Vertical blinds are practical, versatile & stylish, & they offer great control over how much light is filtered into a room. When closed they provide privacy & protect furniture & carpets from direct sunlight. The widest range of design options will match with any kind of interiors perfectly & different touch will be given to it.


Our offering in Vertical Blinds

  We offer various designs & patterns in vertical blinds which can suit both your office & home interiors. The customer can choose fabric of their requirement like translucent, sunscreen & blackout fabrics. We offer Vertical Blinds with aluminium head rail with smooth mechanism which can be easily operated. We can customize Vertical Blinds as per your window measurement. Our series of blackout fabrics can completely darken your room which is widely used in home theatre rooms & in meeting rooms.


Marvel Vertical Blinds

   We are very privileged to offer our customers with Marvel brand of Vertical Blinds which has 19 different types of series & 103 shades of fabrics for vital choice. The company is offering a world class fabric which is made of best quality of raw materials, weaving & coating technology, crack resistant, tear resistant, colour fade resistant & non-fraying are the renowned features.  


       Established in the year 2002, under the leadership of Mr.P.Keerthi, we have carved our niche in the field of window dressing. The company’s growth is the teamwork of all the family members of the founder.

       To our credit, we were appointed as the Authorized Distributor for ‘MARVEL’ Brand CurtainRods & Blinds in Bangalore. ‘MARVEL’ is one the reputed brand which is recommended by almost all architects in window covering products.  We have proven our worth by our growth in the window dressing field by our dedicated work by which we have earned a large clientele & reputation. From the beginning we have started, we have been making a big difference at the windows in homes & offices in Bangalore.


Masters in Window Fashion

   When it comes to window fashion, ‘ALL-FINE DÉCOR’ will make an big difference as we believe in stylish window fashion. Our products in window dressing not only offer privacy in light control but also protects your valuable furnishings from damaging UV rays.

   Whether you love to design every single inch of your home or not, the fact of the matter still is your windows need some kind of blinds or decoration. Unless you can afford one of those expensive home decorators, more than likely you’re going to spend time and money preparing your sweet home. So maybe your sweet home is not an extreme home makeover level, but we can help you in making the correct blind choices that will have all your friends coming over to your house to check out your new blinds. We all know that the site of a bare window look is not the most attractive one out there. Whether you’re looking for a new window treatment because of the following: privacy, lighting, aesthetics, or just wanting more energy efficiency, let us help you in addressing any of these issues with simple easy information to your perfect window blinds solution today.

    Superior products with superior service, added with timely innovative design, with advanced features in the market is making ‘ALL-FINE DÉCOR’, the undisputed brand of the choice in window dressing in Bangalore.



    After all, we believe in the following saying:


“All lasting business is built on friendship of customers”


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